Master Planning

A first rate landscaping master plan will make your finished project look the best that it can. The Twin Pines design staff will balance the project requirements with your budget to produce a master plan that will produce the best landscaping design that works in harmony with your home's architecture and setting.

Retaining Walls/Stairways

The Twin Pines crew are masters at incorporating retaining walls and stairways to manage the various elevations of your property. We are experts at cutting natural stone into diverse shapes and patterns designed to custom fit your site's elevation in the areas in which steps and retaining walls will benefit the overall flow of the property. In addtion, Twin Pines can utilzie man-made materials such as bricks or timbers when appropriate.


Twin Pines carefully selects trees, shrubs, and other plantings which are appropriate for your soil type and water/drainage conditions, and which are suitable for the Mid-Michigan climate. Our designers strive to select items which compliment the architecture and constuction elements of your home, while ensuring that all plantings "fit" into the overall landscape design and Master Plan.

Ornamental Gardens

The designers at Twin Pines will add an artistic flair to your landscaping project through implementation of professionally designed ornamental gardens. By carefully combining perennials, annuals, sculpted shrubs, and other specialty ground cover materials, the ornamental gardens designed by Twin Pines will add a colorful, unique element to your landscaping project and greatly enhance the apearance and value of your home or business.


The best time to involve the Designers at Twin Pines Landscaping in your project is before the initial site development. By allowing us to be involved during the early stages of development, we can apply our knowledge and expertise in true "finish grading" to advise on the placement of material excavated from the home's foundation and other areas of the property to achieve better drainage, and to allow us to more cost effectively incorporate various landscaping elements. Utilizing Twin Pines in the early stages of your project will result in a more cohesive end results.

Landscape Lighting

Outdoor lighting will do for your home at night what landscaping does during the day - make it comfortable, attractive, and enjoyable. Not only will you and your family stroll outdoors more easily in well lit safety, you'll rest comfortably in the knowledge that your well lit premises will deter intruders. A well-designed landscape lighting system compliments your landscaping investment and adds value to your property. It not only provides beautiful visual effects, it provides functional effects as well.